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Milan Svanderlik was born in 1948, in Northern Bohemia, and was educated partly in the former states of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and partly in the UK.   He has lived and worked in Croatia, in Switzerland and for over 45 years in London.   A vetaran observer of the extraordinary diversity and beauty of nature, people, and life in general, Milan studied Botany abroad and Photography in London - combining both these interests, he has in the past exhibited plant photography in London's Photographers' Gallery.   In addition to portraiture and plant studies, Milan's photographic work encompasses travel photography, landscapes, still life and photo-reportage. As a UK civil servant, Milan worked as a photographer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he later became Head of Media Resources, with responsibility for graphic design, photography and publishing.

100 Faces of London comprised portraits of 100 Londoners, celebrating the extraordinary diversity of people who live and work in the capital.   This highly sucessful project culminated in a five-week solo exhibition of all 100 portraits at the Gallery in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.   Seen by several thousands of Londoners and tourists alike, the exhibition was well received. This was to be the first component of what became Milan's London Trilogy.

This project can be seen online at:

100 Faces of London

Londoners at Home: The Way We Live Now is the final element of the London Trilogy.  The outcome of two years' dedicated work, 64 subjects have been covered extensively, once more highlighting the great diversity amongst Londoners and the lives they lead.  In this project, the photographer has stepped out of the studio, photographing and interviewing people in their own homes or the places where they live.  Associated with the resulting images are articles, often extensive, that depict the sitters' lives, placing them within both their current socio-political and socio-economic circumstances and the historical context.  

This project can be seen online at:

Londoners at Home, The Way We Live Now

The London Trilogy has been concieved as, and remains, emphatically, a non-commercial work;  it is a disinterested record of the lives of Londoners in the early 21st century which the British Library at St Pancras has undertaken to preserve for posterity.  

Commercial Photography

Milan's commercial photography is completely separate from the London Trilogy and a broad spectrum of his work can be viewed at:


Milan is one of Epson's DIGI Graphie artists.  

Gerald was born a long time ago to émigré Scottish parents in a small Cheshire market town.  Educated at Sandbach School, he patriotically graduated from the University of Stirling, before undertaking postgraduate studies at the University of Nottingham.  Following a long, journeyman career in the Education Service, he concluded his full-time employment in a senior post at one of London’s larger FE colleges.  Despite having spent much of his career ‘writing’ for one purpose or another, it has been a novelty for Gerald to undertake what has been primarily an editing role:  following transcription of the interviews conducted by Milan Svanderlik, he has painstakingly reworked the text of each ‘life story’ into its current form.  Editorial supervision of all other written aspects of the project has also been his responsibility, so Gerald freely admits that any imperfections that remain must be down to him alone.

Gerald Stuart Burnett BA(Hons) MPhil FRSPH