Outsiders in London



First and foremost, to acknowledge our indebtedness to all 40 sitters for agreeing to be part of the Outsiders in London project and for being so generous with their time and their patience.

To record special thanks to those sitters who offered additional support to the project and who also kindly took time to consider and to recommend others, namely:

Dr Eliot Albers, Chinwe Azubuike, Rabbi Ahron Cohen, Vladmir Damianos, Vicki Fagg, Julie Fawcett MBE, Lainy Malkani, Trenton Oldfield, Lord Herman Ouseley, Margaret Owen OBE, Alec Scott Rook, Brian Sewell, Anouche Sherman, Rachel Spicer, Dean Steers and Sonita Turner.

And to offer thanks to the following who contributed to the project in a variety of other ways:

Simon Adams, Nilton Aranda, Eva Blonska, Ben Fawcett, Peter Gann, Philippa Mackenzie, Sue Mason, Claudine Provencher, Kawal Singh, Fran Smith and Frances Spiegel.

To record our gratitude to those individuals and organisations who were sufficiently open-minded and far-sighted to see the worth of this project and to give it their generous endorsement and support.  Without their commitment, some of the most arresting portraits and life stories could not have been secured:

Roma Support Group, London

Sylvia Ingmire

Beaumont Society

Helen Elliott, Kay West

Romanian Cultural Institute, London

Dorian Branea, Simona Nastac

Neturei Karta International

Rabbi Elhanan Beck, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Karma Nirvana

Anup Manota, Anna Hardy

The Deaf Lounge, London

Domani Peir

Epson (UK) Ltd

Ms Sue Burgess for coordination of sponsorship and Messrs Chris Sugg and Dominic Gurney for their expert technical support


The Outsiders in London project is deeply indebted to:

St Martin-in-the-Fields, for making available, at no charge, the Crypt Gallery space for a period of seven weeks and for all the help and guidance so freely contributed by several key members of staff.

Epson (UK) Ltd, for their handsome sponsorship, including both the generous donation of the printing stock required, and also for assisting with printing the large introduction panels.

Alvito Resource Ltd, for sponsoring the project in a variety of ways and particularly for making available all the photographic, lighting and associated studio equipment;  the hardware and software used for image processing;  and for the contribution of associated consumables.   All the images on display were printed on the company’s Epson Stylus Pro 3880.  Alvito Resource also met the costs related to the mounting of the exhibition, graphic design, publicity and all associated costs.