Outsiders in London


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Below is a list of the topics / subjects that have been covered.   Of course, life is always complicated and not easily compartmentalised, so there are some individuals who might fit comfortably into several categories;  however, the list was created primarily to help make sure that none of the main reasons why people feel like outsiders is overlooked, and also to help avoid duplication.   Sadly, a number of important topics are missing nevertheless:  it  simply proved impossible to find people willing to come forward with the particular kinds of life experience that we were looking for.   To some extent, this was to be expected.

Political - Secular Anarchy  - Haldun Musazlioglu

Being a Maverick  - Andrew Maisel

Islam and Gayness - Naseer Muhammad

Divorce - Giulia Gentile

Illegal Immigration - Christine De Oliveira

Political Asylum - Pedro Gonzales

Racial Discrimination - Benedict Ighotu Agbaimoni

Transsexuality - Margaret Dawn Pepper

Cross-Dressing (Transvestism) -  Raphael / Rachel Spicer

Challenging Cultural and Social Norms (Treatment of Widows) - Chinwe Azubuike

Living with Deafness - Paul Cripps

Childlessness, by Choice - Katarína Homolová

Campaigning for Civil & Human Rights - Peter Tatchell

Muslims in Britain (‘Clash of Civilisations?’) - Harun Rashid Khan

Anti-Zionist Activism through Art - Anouche Sherman

A Duality of Gender - Pippa Holmes

Living with Serious Illness - Carole Pyke

Historic Vilification of an Ethnic Group - Roma (Gypsies) - Stan (Stanislaw) Kierpacz

Personal Presentation and Appearance - Vladmir Damianos

Living with Serious Disability - Henry Fraser

Challenging Social and Political Comment - Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Living with Dementia - Christine Fagg

Criminalising Peaceful Political Protest  - Trenton Oldfield

Anti-Zionism (Neturei Karta) - Rabbi Ahron Leib Cohen

Controversial Art Criticism - Brian Sewell

Happy Asexuality - Melanie Sawyer

Honour-Based Abuse/Forced Marriage (Karma Nirvana) - Jasvinder Sanghera CBE

Vilified Nationality (Romanians) - Anda Anastasescu

The Dissidence of Old Age  - Margaret Owen OBE

Homelessness - Henry Stevenson

Poverty - Dean Steers

Tireless Working to Transform a Problem Estate - Julie Louise Fawcett MBE

Being an Insider and an Outsider Too - Lord Herman Ouseley

Inadequate English - Ranjeet Kaur Bhachu

Managing Bi-polar Disorder - Alec Scott Rook

Campaigning for the De-Criminalisation of Drugs - Jonathan Rosen

Being an Outsider inside One's Own Family - Sonita Turner

Working Class Origins and Social Mobility - Lainy Malkani

Striving to Make a New Life After Prison - Dennis Rose

Struggling to Return to Civilian Life - Gary Areef Barnes

Being an Unknown Outsider  - Borislav (Bobo) Marković

‘OUTSIDERS'  in the top Menu Bar will take you to a gallery of all the portraits and the associated stories, or click HERE